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San Sebastiano's Day
'San Sebastiano’s Day' is a photographic documentary on the sacred and profane belief of San Sebastiano's festival.
Every year on the same day at 1pm the evocative "sciuta" (the exit) of the San Sebastiano's relic and statue is the most exciting and spectacular moment during the Festival of San Sebastiano in Palazzolo Acreide, Syracuse, Sicily.
Screams and tears erupt, while the fireworks explode throwing a rain of thousands of "nzareddi" (multicolored strips of paper) into the sky.
The relic and statue of the saint are carried down the steep staircase with bare shoulders by the porters.
The path winds through the alleys of the town, “i nuri” (naked babies) are raised on the cart to be exposed to the saint and the crowd and cash offerings are hung in front of the statue of the saint...
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